Weekend 6-15-13

I’m going to amuse myself this afternoon by listening to Joyce DiDonato sing some Rossini via BBC3, which is broadcasting La Donna del Lago, and putting together a desk.

(I will also be drinking some coffee. The first draft of the above sentence implied that I would listen to JDD both sing Rossini AND put together a desk, and while I am sure she could do this, and I would love it if she put together my desk for me, I think this is probably not going to happen.)

4 thoughts on “Weekend 6-15-13

  1. I have just stopped amusing myself with Der Rosenkavalier (Carsen production from Salzburg), Luckily I don’t have any furniture to put together; in my experience that kind of activity seldom ends well…


  2. Rossini is a great accompaniment to doing a pre-move house-clearing, too. Though I’d rather be studying the libretto and sipping sherry as I listen. Maybe Joyce would help me throw things away.
    I love the image of her putting together furniture while tossing off some coloratura! I am looking forward to catching the whole opera in archive later this week. (Thank you, BBC Radio 3!)


    1. I am going to end up catching some of it on the repeat as well – my internet connection decided to be finnicky this afternoon.

      It’s more G&T than sherry weather around here, but I agree: I’d much rather be sipping than cleaning!


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