This is the trouble with Vivaldi’s violin concertos

You think “oh, just one more, while I finish this drink/cup of tea/cigarette” and then suddenly it’s two in the morning.

Damn Rachel Podger and her superior interpretive skills.

4 thoughts on “This is the trouble with Vivaldi’s violin concertos

  1. Her Bach CD is quite lovely. Thanks to you, I now own both (well, on mp3, but you know what I mean… I still call them albums!


    1. I think we can call them albums – less unwieldy than “collection of related tracks recorded at roughly the same time and intended to be listened to together”!


      1. This CD has kept me from killing several people, breaking some furniture, and quitting at least one of my two jobs this morning! Ah, the magic of Vivaldi. Thanks for pointing me to this one!


        1. I’m glad it’s doing good in the world 🙂

          I am currently using the new Mitsuko Uchida Schumann recording to accomplish something similar as far as undergraduates are concerned.

          We should keep a tally on a big sign, for various performers or works: [performer/composer/work] has to date prevented [number] violent deaths and [number] nasty accidents!


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