Wednesday Science Joke

“The Family Circle seemed much closer to the stage than I remembered.”

“Maybe the Met installed a new metric.”

[The joke is that a metric, in general relativity, is a way of specifying how distances between points are calculated – if you have two points in space with no masses there, the metric will be different from if there was a mass there, because mass changes the shape of space.]

[Also, it has been brought to my attention that if the Met were built on a hyperbolic plane there would be room for more seats.]

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Science Joke

  1. I wonder what the acoustics would be like. I haven’t actually looked at what would happen to a wave function in a non-Eudlidean space but I’m not at all sure it would propagate at a constant frequency. I’m way too rusty to do the math but maybe someone could take a look at that.


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