Nerd Alert

I have been (as they say) dropping Hamiltons like Aaron Burr this week. In addition to a pile of Mozart recordings, I just got the most awesome flashcard app! And I have been playing around with it by slogging through some Schiller (I also have a dictionary app!) and making flashcards of the words I don’t know.

German: like many languages, it contains a surprising number of words.

But I am developing a very interesting vocabulary. I now know the words for things like paramour (Buhle – easy to remember because it rhymes with Thule and the king of Thule in the song had one), sin, assassinate, “nobly brought up,” murderess, humiliating/insulting, several different words for jewelry and personal ornamentation, and papal nuncio. Also executioner. (As you may already have concluded, I am reading Maria Stuart.)

For whatever reason, I also felt like hearing some Beverly Sills this weekend. So I have a DVD of her singing Violetta on my little pile for when I get sick of Schiller and/or flashcards.

8 thoughts on “Nerd Alert

  1. K: I’m going to Berlin, come with me, I need an interpreter.
    Me: I don’t really speak German anymore, and anyway you know what I’ve been doing, my German would be really antiquated.
    K: Well, but you could walk into a restaurant and order a cup of tea, couldn’t you?
    Me: Probably not, but I could probably walk into a restaurant and advocate for the liberation of the Netherlands.


    1. That’s about where I am. Though when I practice, a lot of the conversational stuff I learned in college starts come back. What I need is to be dropped into Berlin and left there for about six months.


  2. For me it would be Russian. I could ask for three playing cards, declare undying love to you, you beautiful thing, and then challenge you to a duel, oh God.


    1. That sounds like my knowledge of Italian! All daggers, swords, curses, and etc. But words like automobile, fork, lightbulb, ballpoint pen …..nope.


      1. That looks like the vocab in my Old Irish textbook if you added spears, temples, querns, hags, druids, cows and dogs.


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