More reasons to love the German language

I ran into my German colleague in the lounge. He noticed that I had a xerox of Act II of Maria Stuart with me (I had just copied it) and ribbed me about deliberately slogging through all the Schiller texts he had been forced to read in high school. I mentioned that I was learning all kinds of interesting vocabulary. Like the word for “bloodlust” for example.

German colleague: “Oh – which one?”

6 thoughts on “More reasons to love the German language

      1. Blutdurst, which is similar but has its English equivalent, obvs. It may also be useful to know that the word for “St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” (it sez here) is “die (Pariser) Bluthochzeit”. If we called it that, it would probably save a great deal of confusion. Thank you, Heath’s 1911 — which, btw, is the best dictionary for reading that stuff bc that’s the stuff it assumes you would be reading.


        1. And it looks like St. Bartholemew’s is the only massacre that we get to term a Bluthochzeit. (I feel some sort of play on of Schubert’s “Der Hochzeitsbraten” coming on but I am going to avoid it. Strenuously. “Ach liebes Herz, ach Theobald.. . where are all the Protestants?”)


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