How the sausage is made – violin edition

Like many people in this neck of the woods, I have watched clips of a few of Joyce DiDonato’s master classes recently. I enjoy those because it’s nice to see how the sausage is made (so to speak), but I have never studied singing at all, so there’s a certain amount of it that I don’t fully appreciate because what’s being taught is not something I’ve ever attempted to do.

This is clip below is a little different, because violins are something I have some experience with. It’s violinist Rachel Podger with a student working on the chaconne from BWV 1004.

One of the bits of this that made me go “right! that makes perfect sense!” begins around 1.50, where Podger and the student break the solo part up into its bass line and its melody, and then they swap it back and forth – the point is that the student has to use the base line to sort of conduct or lead herself to give the whole thing its structure. Very cool.

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