A while back it emerged via a discussion of Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda that Leicester might have the “toreador!” aria from Carmen as his ringtone.

It seems to me that there is more that might be done with this idea.

For example. Leporello’s phone? It rings with “fin ch’han dal vino” but Don Giovanni bought him the phone and he’s not allowed to change the ringtone and he hates it.

The Marschallin: something subtle and beautiful that you’ve heard before, but you can never quite remember what it was.

Sesto: Toni Basil’s “Hey Mickey!” but only because Servilia was messing around with his phone and changed it and Sesto has been too preoccupied to switch it back.

11 thoughts on “Ringtones

  1. Don Ottavio: “Mr Cellophane”
    Tolomeo: “I am What I am”
    Rosina (Il Barbieri): “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”
    Susanna (in Nozze): “Put a Ring on It”
    Vitellia is so self-centered, hers would be “non piu di fiori”


    1. Ha! Re: Vitellia, I had the same thought for Tosca – she’d have vissi d’arte.

      Publio: Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT, but no one ever calls.

      Grand Inquisitor from Don Carlos: eight bit “eine kleine nachtmusik” and he always forgets to shut it off during autos-da-fe


        1. Donna Elvira would totally listen to Shania Twain. (*shudder*)

          (I had to google to make sure I had the right singer for the song, and searched accidentally for “whose boots has your bed been under” which is kind of a version of the same thing and kind of not)


  2. Peter Grimes: Ewan McColl’s “Shoals of Herring”
    J Robert Oppenheimer “When this lousy war is over”
    Leonora: “Jailhouse Rock”
    Elisabetta I (Roberto Devereux): “Mrs. Robinson”
    Mimi: “Candle in the Wind”


    1. Love Mimi’s
      Here’s another for Publio (the Kusej version) “Every Breath You Take”


        1. Good point. I always love how DJs play “I will survive” at wedding receptions. Not off to a good start, there…

          Countess von Geschwitz: “I kissed a girl”

          Leonore (Fidelio): “I kissed a girl”


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