And when it comes to retaliation, you can’t beat Rossini

I just discovered that some of the older music on my computer was ripped (by me) at a terrifyingly low bitrate. So as I do much deleting and reripping, I am getting a little tour of Things I Have Had For A Long Time. Beginning with a recording on Opera Rara of Rossini’s Elisabetta, regina d’Inghilterra with Jennifer Larmore in the title role.

20130720-233416.jpg This opera shares an overture and a few arias with The Barber of Seville; the plot was ripped from the history books by members of the Let’s Get Really High And Free Associate About Late Tudor England Club (this organization had a surprising number of chapters in 19th century Italy) and Larmore is really the only reason I have it – I listened to her as Cesare on that HM recording of Handel’s Giulio ditto, was very impressed, and this was sort of the next thing that turned up. And there is a pretty little aria in I think act two where Leicester (Bruce Ford) is asleep while he’s singing, so he gets the harmony rather than the melody.

Also, after a two month hiatus I have neighbors again (I think the other half of this house must be cursed or crawling with enormous spiders or something) and the neighbors have music; I feel obliged to retaliate.

4 thoughts on “And when it comes to retaliation, you can’t beat Rossini

  1. I don’t know if he’s written any opera, but you could do worse than Stomu Yamashta for some effective neighbourly musical payback.


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