Weekend 7-27-13

Looks like it’s the French baroque for me this weekend – and my inner tightwad rejoices in the whole free stream bit, too. (I guess I’m sort of an extremely selective tightwad. I feel guilty if I buy lunch instead of bringing it – but I have been known to get on airplanes to attend concerts. Thinking about this makes me want to write more about opera fandom and money or lack thereof, but I’m not sure I have anything useful to say.)

6 thoughts on “Weekend 7-27-13

    1. Yup. (Though the bag lunches sometimes enable aspects of the swashbuckling in terms of allocation of funds – I have had some very good dinners on some of my opera jaunts.)


  1. I’m having northern hemisphere data envy. No such thing as free streaming here in New Zealand – data is expensive and even pricier if you exceed your data cap (which my family does every month). I really only watch snippets of opera on YouTube to see if a production is worth buying (or borrowing from the library) on DVD or BluRay. On the plus side, I have a tidy stack of recently-purchased operatic goodness that I’m steadily working through with much delight.


    1. I didn’t know there was such a difference in terms of pricing – what a bummer! (I think my home internet has a data cap, but I’ve never even approached it.) But you get the satisfaction of financially supporting opera on DVD, I guess 🙂


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