Saturday evening fun times

Watching that Glyndebourne Hippolyte. Not sure I am cut out to be a French baroque freak. Inspired by the concept of the production, I ended up amusing myself – while listening! – by drawing, from memory, the contents of my refrigerator. I left out the tamari sauce and a few other condiments because I got tired of drawing jars and bottles.


Sadly, there are no little British people in my fridge singing in French.

But perhaps that’s for the best.

4 thoughts on “Saturday evening fun times

  1. You have Vegemite in your fridge! I can blame my southern hemisphere upbringing for my proclivity for savoury yeast spreads (I prefer Marmite but Vegemite is good, too) but what’s your excuse, Earworm? 😉


    1. Sort of the same reason as you! We lived in New Zealand for most of my childhood. My younger brother (who was born there and has dual citizenship, lucky guy) and I both developed a taste for Vegemite.


      1. Funny how some of our childhood experiences stay with us throughout our lives, isn’t it? Did you know that, when the second Christchurch earthquake struck and put out of action the only factory in New Zealand that produced Marmite, there was panic buying in supermarkets and even small, partially-used jars were being auctioned for hundreds of dollars?! It was called Marmageddon.

        On an operatic note, I totally get that French baroque opera can be an acquired taste because it is so mannered and often sort of arch but there is a wonderful performance of Les Paladins on DVD (Les Arts Florissants, William Christie and a great cast including Sandrine Piau) that you might enjoy. It’s as much about the dance as it is about the opera but if you are open to that, the production and the performances are vibrant and colourful and fun. I love it.


        1. I’ve enjoyed some French baroque in the past – I’ll have to give Les Paladins a try. (And the library here has it! We have an unexpectedly large French baroque section.)


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