Weekend 8-3-13

So, after learning the Secret 3Sat Trick (i.e use the mpg4/h264 option for the video) and playing a longish game of “what is Quicktime’s problem?” yesterday afternoon, I was finally able to get my Haydn on – for about fifteen minutes, at which point my internet connection decided to go out for reasons (I assume) entirely unconnected to either Haydn or Harnoncourt or Schade or Röschmann or the Salzburg Festival.

I will be making another attempt at it tomorrow morning. The bit that I heard was certainly very nice.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 8-3-13

  1. Because I couldn’t get to it the other day, I started listening to the performance from Cleveland with Hartelius, Schmidt, and Pisaroni. It’s very nice. But armed with your tip on how to access the 3Sat video, I have been watching and listening to the Salzburg performance this morning and marveling at it. The uber-Austrian stylings of Harnoncourt, Röschmann, Schade, and Boesch (also in that Guth Messiah – it’s nice to see him not being angry all the time!) plus the Vienna chorus and Phil, WOW!! Papa Haydn would be proud (also, I never noticed before that the first baritone aria is based on that Surprise Symphony melody!!)


    1. Well, I wouldn’t call it my tip – both Juha and M told me how to fix it! I’m going to listen to the rest as soon as I can – I’m glad to hear the whole thing is as good as the first 15 minutes.


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