And there are puppets in the shape of bananas

I spent the day dealing with the Civil War and as a result, this is about the limit of my opera appreciation capacity:

I found the libretto both refreshingly direct and deceptively simple – the subtlety of the repeated numerical patterns in the text emerges only with repeated listening. The repetition of the musical phrases recalls Lieder like Schubert’s “Es war ein König” – it requires an experienced performer like Fleming to add the necessary nuance. The production I found somewhat uninspired (I believe there was a performance of this at Salzburg a few years back that involved two Mack trucks and a procession of zombie mimes?), though there is something to be said by just putting a curtain there – one so rarely sees performativity qua performativity rendered so directly.

All in all, an evening well spent.

7 thoughts on “And there are puppets in the shape of bananas

        1. With luck his voice will mature and he can take on some of the lighter Wagner roles – Meistersingers, for example, I think would be much more fun rendered as a series of little meeps.


          1. He might turn in a very fine Meeplied at this point in his career, but you’re right, he should wait to do the whole thing.


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