I got some advertising from the Met in the mail today. Information about their 13-14 season has been out there for a while, but I admit, I flipped through this just to remind myself. The ones I want in particular to see are Wozzeck and Falstaff and Rigoletto, although if I got a chance to head to La Cenerentola I probably wouldn’t complain too loudly, given the cast. And there are some goodies at Carnegie Hall to look forward to as well.


But the thing I intend to really make a point of doing this academic year/concert season is seeing more of the student musical performances around here. We have an orchestra. We have a music department and even an opera program (students can major in vocal performance, and they stage an opera every year) and all kinds of other things. We have people well connected enough that they somehow managed to talk Hilary Hahn into giving a recital here last winter. I think in some ways I am spoiled by having a spouse with an (unfortunately probably not permanent) job on Long Island. My attention is not fully here because I’m in New York at least a weekend or more every month with all the cool stuff that entails, and I think I’m missing out on things I would probably enjoy because they aren’t really on my radar.