If by “lawn care” you mean “carrion removal”

Well, my dead cat problem has been handily solved. Turkey vultures, a.k.a. the lazy woman’s lawncare specialists! I saw a bunch of them flapping around the other morning . . . and now no more cat. This circle of life shit is awesome. (This is why I am not cut out to own a house, I think. I like a well-ordered household interior – no laundry on the floor, sinks and tubs clean, dishes done, not too much dust, no crumbs in the couch, nothing alarming in the refrigerator – but the idea of having to take care of a yard and clean the gutters and paint things leaves me cold. The other word for this is laziness. I have made my peace with that.)

I am halfway through the Sellars version of Figaro. There’s a part in Act II where everyone’s gulping down massive quantities of scotch. I have no scotch in my house and no immediate prospect of any, since the stores are closed for this evening and this county is dry on Sundays; I was a little jealous. Also, I have noticed that all the DVDs from the university library have this weird sort of old BO smell when you open the case. I am not sure I want to know why.

Finally, I have a Les Paladins from the Theatre du Chatelet which has the most charming warning on the back of the DVD box: “Please be advised that this production contains nudity.”

10 thoughts on “If by “lawn care” you mean “carrion removal”

  1. Ooh! Really looking forward to reading your observations and thoughts about that production of Les Paladins, Earworm 🙂


        1. The idea of packs of urban super-raccoons is more than a little terrifying. Especially if they are larger than the average backpack. (They don’t like glow or anything, do they?)


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