Roberta Invernizzi, “Da tempeste”

You know how sometimes there’s been a really awesome party going on for like, years, and you don’t find out about it because you’re a doofus? And then you find out about it and it’s ok and you’re allowed to join and all is well?

Well, I felt a bit like that recently. I stumbled on soprano Roberta Invernizzi completely by accident while looking for — of all things! – Gluck’s version of La Clemenza di Tito. I am quickly becoming a fan. Here she is singing “da tempeste” from Giulio Cesare:

I have heard this aria so. many. goddamn. times. and yet I enjoyed this from beginning to end. All three times that I listened to it. The personality is distinct, the technique is bang on, and she adds – all the best sopranos do! – her own little touches here and there that prevent one’s brain from going on autopilot the way my brain can do with something so familiar. The orchestra is also more than worth the price of admission – I was listening in particular to the violins during the repeat of the A section.

(Though I admit, that bit in the B section where Cleopatra has that repeated-note ornament at one of the repetitions of “torna l’anima a bear” always, permanently, makes me think of Danielle de Niese singing that while miming shooting a machine gun. It is just the way things are.)

11 thoughts on “Roberta Invernizzi, “Da tempeste”

  1. I’ve not heard of this singer before but this performance makes me want to listen to more. Lovely ornamentation in the da capo section, too!


    1. Yup. I have been told that she has an excellent Vivaldi CD out, which I found for super-cheap on teh interwebs and am looking forward to hearing when it gets here.


  2. This is an exciting performance, sounding almost out of control but not quite — perfect for this aria. Thanks for telling us about Roberta. And I agree the orchestra is worth keeping an eye (ear) on. I am looking forward to hearing more from both soloist and ensemble!

    P.S. I know you enjoy Werner Güra’s (of Berlin 2002 Cosi fame) singing. Do be sure to listen to at least the first part of his Edinburgh recital on BBC Radio 3.


      1. And I just found this from Gramophone Magazine:

        “…the month’s new classical music releases are reviewed by our expert critics – including our Recording of the Month, Handel’s Timotheus, oder Die Gewalt der Musik featuring soprano Roberta Invernizzi, tenor Werner Güra, bass Gerald Finley and Concentus Musicus Wien under Nikolaus Harnoncourt on Sony Classical.”


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