Get it while you can: Werner Güra recital from Edinburgh

After a timely reminder (thanks, Rob!) I caught this recital of Beethoven and Schubert songs from tenor Werner Güra. Not to be missed. It’ll be up only for one more day.

4 thoughts on “Get it while you can: Werner Güra recital from Edinburgh

  1. Oh thank you so much! Werner Güra is absolutely the very best in the lieder field these days. I saw him recently in Paris and then in Schwarzenberg at the Schubertiade and I thought he was on better form than ever. This made my day, thanks again!


      1. That’s a tricky one! It’s more about finding out which CDs are not absolute musts really. So I gave it a bit of thought and listed them in Must-Have-Order:
        – The Wolf, yes, surely.
        The Schuberts:
        1. Winterreise – that’s a REAL must (you find it on my YT-channel, mutewoman2), for me THE recording
        2. Die schöne Müllerin, his first solo CD, interesting to hear how the voice has matured. I’ve been listening to this for over 5 years now, and it still hits me sometimes. In fact, I had the chance to do an interview with him and Christoph Berner, and I asked if they were planning to record the Schöne Müllerin together, and Güra said no, he would do it like that today, maybe change some things vocally, but nothing in the interpretation.
        3. Schwanengesang – very good, too, but maybe not just as important.
        4. The last Schubert CD Willkommen und Abschied – it has one of my absolute favorites, Winterabend, which is not in the Edinburgh recital – a wonderful Schubert CD, and it made up the total recital in Schwarzenberg:

        Then there is a very lovely CD about the triangle Johannes, Clara, Robert, one of my favorites as well.

        And then there is the vocal quartet, I don’t know if you’re aware of it? Marlis Petersen, Anke Vondung, Werner Güra, Konrad Jarnot.
        They have released three CDs so far, the Brahms Liebesliederwalzer are on my channel, too. Then you get a Schumann CD and the last one is Schubert again. If you want to listen to some really FUNNY Schubert, check out “Der Hochzeitsbraten”!
        Oh, and you might be interested in this:

        Yes, well, I tell everyone not to ask me questions about Werner Güra, believe me, you have come off cheap 🙂


        1. This is quite a list – thank you!

          and re: Der Hochzeitsbraten: oh yes. I have a bootleg of a Schubert recital (Quasthoff, Bostridge and Roschmann) where that is performed. It’s like a tiny little comic opera in song form.


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