ArkivMusik appears to have engaged in a bit of wishful thinking. Either that or a kind of playfully malicious fraud.

This recording of Haydn’s Jahreszeiten? I know for a fact that the soloists on this recording are Genia Kühmeier, Werner Güra and Christian Gerhaher. Not Dorothea Röschmann, Michael Schade and Christian Gerhaher as the website indicates.

5 thoughts on “Ooops.

    1. That was my thought. I didn’t realize Herr Gerhaher was on both of these recordings. And I actually OWN the Creation performance!


      1. I think a Schöpfung switchup is the best explanation. (For a moment when I first saw it I thought “no way! awesome!” and then I thought . . . “hang on a minute, this can’t be right” and then I checked and it wasn’t.)


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