Weekend 8-31-13

Three day weekend! I intend to listen to some Gluck, and some Mozart, and I also intend to emphatically NOT clean the bathroom or dust anything. Maybe some laundry. If I feel like it.

Also, I hear via the Twitter (h/t stray) that you can catch Handel’s Almira from the Boston Early Music Festival on WCRB at 2.30 east coast time on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Weekend 8-31-13

    1. Only in the sense that one feels guilty if one lets it go too long. (Fortunately? my wardrobe is such that I can’t let it go too long or I’m teaching in jeans, which is Not Done at my institution.)


          1. ah great, thanks! so it’s the same Agrippina we’ve listened to several months ago with Ann Hallenberg. i love that staging.. too bad there wasn’t a video of it. In my short experience attending operas, Agrippina is one of the best i find, the story is so twisted with evil female power you can’t help but love :-). It’s one of those i’d show up wherever it’s staged nearby (though 3 counter-tenors are a lot to handel… i still shocked they couldn’t even use 1 mezzo in staging here in boston couple years ago..)


            1. Same one – I missed it the first time around, but with luck will remember tomorrow! I’ve never seen it live; would like to, though. (Preferably with a high mezzo-to-countertenor ratio)


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