Weekend 9-1-13

Just finished listening to Nézet-Séguin’s new recording of Così fan tutte. During the process of listening to it I came to the conclusion that 1) my air conditioning system is way too loud and 2) so is the fridge. Also, I found Rolando Villazón less irritating than I expected!

Given that Mr. N-S has now done Don Giovanni and Così, I wonder if we’ll get a Nozze di Figaro next in this series? That might be really interesting.

(The autocorrect on my iPad consistently wants to turn “Così fan tutte” into “Cops fan tutte.” Now that would be a Konzept.)

4 thoughts on “Weekend 9-1-13

  1. I have come to the same two conclusions; our old (new) fridge used to positively moan! And Rolando is only irritating when he starts to push. I think he’s pretty amazing in the ensembles, particularly. In fact, the only singer I am not happy with on that recording is Mojca Erdman. Her voice sets me on edge, and I don’t get why she is working so much.

    For Nozze, Rolando will be Basilio, of course, since he seems to be a driving force in the series. How about Miah Persson as the countess (I fantasize about her with Peter Mattei as the count) then Luca as Figaro, maybe Christine Shafer as Cherubino….hmmmm.


    1. I was pleasantly surprised with Villazón this time – I don’t usually love his style, but I found myself coming around to it in this case.

      Re: Figaro – that lineup sounds like a winner to me; as long as we can avoid Erdmann singing Susanna, I’m on board!


      1. I meant to add that I found the dramatic value of this Cosi to be high. Well acted and sounding almost as if it were actually staged. I also thing this opera, and this performance in particular, really make it as pure music. (good news for the True Opera Lover who likes to sit in the dark, drinking sherry and focusing fully on the music and the music alone.)


        1. I did too – it was a really entertaining listen, particularly the big ensembles at the end of each act. Made me think I should go back and revisit my only other audio-only recording of Cosi, the Rene Jacobs one on HM.

          And no doubt the True Opera Lover would recoil in horror at the thought of the fridge interfering with the Appreciation of Art!


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