Apparently orchestras are made up entirely of immature straight men?

Vasily Petrenko seems to think so.

2 thoughts on “Apparently orchestras are made up entirely of immature straight men?

  1. I have so many comments about this article, I don’t even know where to start.But here goes:
    1. V. Petrenko is a real dummy.
    2. What about women (and gay men) being distracted by cute boy conductors?
    3. There a lot of “girl conductors” that probably never be characterized as “cute”.
    4. I think I’ll stop here and go watch my new Verdi Requiem DVD conducted by formerly cute Daniel Barenboim, and the never painful to look at (or listen to) quartet of Anja Harteros, Elina Garanca, Jonas Kaufmann, and Rene Pape.


    1. I had pretty much the same thoughts as you (and that Verdi DVD sounds like fun)

      Besides, there’s probably some guy or gal in the second violin section of whatever orchestra Petrenko’s conducting who thinks maestro is super cute and as a result is not (the violinist) performing at top capacity – clearly Petrenko needs to step down immediately and absent himself for the Good of Art!


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