Exciting things this week! Joyce DiDonato’s ‘best of’ album, ‘Rejoyce’ has been available in the US since I think Tuesday. I have not bought it, mostly because I have pretty much everything that’s on it already. One of the few tracks I don’t have is a little snippet of Monteverdi from L’Incoronazione di Poppea, which is excerpted from a recording of early baroque operatic laments; the recording is called Lamenti, and in addition to DiDonato contains performances from a lot of other people you’ve heard of before. I feel obligated to add that the conductor is Emmanuelle Haïm, who – such is my understanding, at least; I haven’t obtained the CD yet – manages to get through the entire recording without fatally distracting the musicians of Le Concert d’Astrée! Go figure. But anyway, I’m thinking I might go for Lamenti over Rejoyce-ing.

And in other news, word on the street is that Dorothea Röschmann has just recorded a recital CD which we should all have in our hot little hands sometime early next year. My first impulse is to wonder what the hell took her so long. My second impulse is to set up some sort of betting pool as to its potential contents.

Finally, remember that recording of Haydn’s Jahreszeiten that Arkivmusic so fatally mislabled? I decided in the end that I wanted it anyway, because it’s conducted by Harnoncourt and involves some soloists I rather like. I’m listening to it right now. And with this CD, you get a bonus (I guess): four postcards, of the seasons in question, plus one featuring the cover art of the album:


I have never encountered this with a CD or DVD before, though it strikes me that this is a kind of thing that might be done more often. I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive a postcard featuring, say, a still from that production of Così fan tutte where Fiordiligi drinks the blue poison?

18 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. It will be very interesting to see what the contents of DR’s upcoming album would be; easy guess would be the repertoire she has been singing this summer; but there might be surprises. And who would be the pianist? Any bets?


    1. Safe bets for pianist might be Malcolm Martineau or Julius Drake. (But I also hear via Twitter that we get a little DR on Mitsuko Uchida’s new Schumann album, which unfortunately is not available to me here in the US yet – wouldn’t it be cool if they recorded more things together? A girl can dream . . . )


  2. I highly recommend the Lamenti disc. There is some lovely, though in some cases anachronistic, singing, including an overwrought performance by Natalie Dessay (it’s kind of awful, but in a really interesting, dramatic way). And fortunately, it’s audio only, so you don’t have to watch the Conductress flail. (Can you imagine what the Berliner Philharmonikers had to say after working with her??)


      1. Well, I’d call it more, maybe…interpretive dance. One comment on one of the BPO clips http://youtu.be/btvzre63GZE
        was that her actions would be ok in rehearsal but theoretically unnecessary in performance… i am paraphrasing like crazy here. So with that in mind, it’s probably unfair to use this recording session clip as my second example: http://regieornotregie.blogspot.com/2012/12/handel-wants-more-time-voglio-tempo.html.


        1. Haim does get into it! I find it more entertaining than distracting – but then again, I’m not a member of the orchestra. (In the second clip, I loved Dessay’s running entrance/exit and Sonia Prina at one point doing air guitar)


          1. That is the clip that I kinda fell in love with both Sonia Prina AND Ann Hallenberg. I actually found it looking for more recordings of Pavol Breslik. As distracting conductors go, Mlle. Haim is not the worst, that’s for sure! I do like that entrance too, it so suits the franticity of “Beauty’s” request for more time. (Ecco Tempo, indeed!)


  3. Yes, she has been appearing with all of them in this summer. What do you mean with the Twitter reference: is DR singing in Uchida’s Schumann Klavierstücke album?


        1. Not for me unfortunately! The album doesn’t come up when I search for it. Since Amazon won’t let me buy it until the 17th, I’m guessing iTunes may not either. Maybe the release date is different in NZ than it is in the US.


          1. Crikey – that’s a turn up for the books! Maybe it’s a time zone thing and it will be in the US iTunes store tomorrow (ie NZ tomorrow)? Cross fingers.


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