How embarrassing

I stretched out on the couch last night intending to listen to the Kodaly Quartet play Schubert . . . and woke up two hours later. (This is my fault, not theirs.)

But at least it wasn’t a live performance. I have fallen asleep at a concert only once ever, and in that case I had just returned from overseas the day before and my brain thought it was four in the morning or something. And I don’t think anyone noticed. And it was only for like fifteen minutes.

2 thoughts on “How embarrassing

  1. It’s true: if you’re going to fall asleep listening to a string quartet, it’s better to do it in your own home. And if you DO fall asleep at a live concert, don’t snore!!


    1. A friend of mine claims to have slept through half of a Christoph Pregardien recital at Wigmore Hall once. She said the friend who went with her said the same thing re snoring: “you are an embarrassment, but at least you’re a QUIET embarrassment”


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