Because whose Ruh’ is not a little bit hin sometimes?

Here is Anja Harteros singing Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade.” This interpretation sounds unusually (and not unpleasantly) spacious to me, probably because the version of this song that I first absorbed was much more of an “anguished Gretchen! anguished!” sort of vibe.

(I don’t know if the same ads appear when a video is embedded, but when I watched this on YouTube, the ads along the bottom were all “More dating sites! More men!” which is probably the last thing poor Gretchen wants.)

8 thoughts on “Because whose Ruh’ is not a little bit hin sometimes?

  1. I woke up with this song in my head this morning! Probably because I listened to Miah Persson’s recital again last night. It’s a Very Harteros Friday.


      1. Indeed! But she’d still do well to be wary, as there was that (short-lived) Microsoft ad several years ago with the tagline “Where do you want to go today?” and the Confutatis of the Mozart Requiem for the sdtk.


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