If you haven’t already, run, don’t walk . . .

Over to Ö1 radio and listen to this recital from Miah Persson at the Schubertiade in Schwarzenberg. It’s lovely.

I listened to it this afternoon while taking apart the p-trap underneath my bathroom sink to remove some nasty gunk, and the quality of the performance (Persson’s singing peformance, not my amateur plumbing performance, though as those things go mine wasn’t bad) was such that I didn’t even mind.

9 thoughts on “If you haven’t already, run, don’t walk . . .

  1. Yes Yes Yes! What Earworm says! About the recital, I mean. (I have no idea what her plumbing skills are like.) But in fact, listen to the recital twice!!


  2. Tears and sarcasm:

    I just finished listening to Du bist die ruh’ again; I’m not literally crying, but I am feeling misty. Miah Persson has a way of stretching a phrase till it almost pulls apart, then hugging it back into shape. (Dammed allergies!) I think I’d better listen again. Twice!

    Meanwhile, the “theme” of this recital is “Love” according to the announcer. I don’t know if the festival came up with that or it was Ms. Persson’s idea, but it’s a pretty broad theme for a Lieder recital, excluding only a handful of songs about fish, streams, and/or dead children.


  3. heard a rumor somewhere u have a copy of this recital, could i get? :-). was on travel and couldn’t listen in… (ps- also how do u link songs to player the way on your latest post?, sometimes i want to just load up a small clip but couldn’t figure out how to… it says something about purchasing and upgrade?)


    1. Yes, you can get! I’ll put it in dropbox – I believe I still have your email from when you shared those bits of Don Carlos with me ages ago.

      I’m not sure whether it involves an upgrade or not (I have the $100 a year package) but I’ve got an ‘Add Media’ button at the top left of the text window when I’m in the ‘compose post’ screen. It lets you upload/insert clips; clips can be inserted in more than one post.


      1. got the dropbox goodies, thanks!!
        (ps- yes, $100 is upgrade, i always on the look out for freebees and bootlegs 🙂 )
        (ps2- i finally figured out how to share dropbox w/o really having to set up all that sharing folder business… apparently on the right side u just need to get the “link” and send link…)


        1. Can people still download the files if it’s a link rather than a shared folder? I had some trouble with that recently, but it might have been a tech issue on my end rather than a problem with the system itself.


          1. yes, anyone with the link can just click and download, they don’t even need to have dropbox or sharing anything with you. it took me a while to locate the horizontal ribbon-like thing on the right of whichever folder/file you want to copy link.. but once that’s sort out, that’s how i share things now.


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