I wonder if any of my grad students know about PDQ Bach?

Re-reading article about transition in Maryland from indentured servants to slaves in the 1600s. Authors discuss a group of “early plungers” i.e. early investors in slaves who set up the institutional and legal structure that allowed a greater number of planters, later on, to invest in slaves when the number of indentured servants in the colony dropped off.

This is all extremely interesting, but when I read “early plungers” all I can think of is Professor Schickele’s biography of PDQ Bach, which divides PDQ’s life into various periods, the first of which is the “initial plunge.” I swear, it is probably inevitable that in class this afternoon I am going to call those Marylanders who were buying slaves in the earlier 1600s “initial plungers.”

(In PDQ’s life, the “Initial plunge” is I believe followed by “soused” and then later, “contrition.”)

2 thoughts on “I wonder if any of my grad students know about PDQ Bach?

    1. My TA from last semester might – she likes the same kind of music I do. But on average, yeah, I bet probably not.

      (And I made it through class without making the early plungers/initial plunge mistake!)


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