Un Moto di Gioia / Miah Persson

I was listening to Miah Persson’s wonderful recital from the Schwarzenberg Schubertiade the other day. The announcer introduced the first encore and explained that it was one of Susanna’s arias from Le Nozze di Figaro and because I am reasonably familiar with that opera I didn’t pay much attention to the explanation until the music started and I realized I didn’t recognize it. For a moment I wondered if I had sustained a blow to the head of which I was unaware; it also occurred to me that, say, there might be some bit of the opera that when arranged for piano sounds so completely different from the full version that it might take a minute to register what it was. But no. The aria is not “deh, vieni” or “venite inginocchiatevi” (which I somehow managed to categorize in my head as a sort of ensemble piece rather than an aria, because while it is going on there is usually so much to-ing and fro-ing with the Countess and Cherubino, even though Susanna is the only one singing) but rather a substitution Mozart wrote for the latter.

Here it is, courtesy of Miah Persson and Roger Vignoles:

(Italian and English texts here.)

8 thoughts on “Un Moto di Gioia / Miah Persson

  1. There is also an alternative version on Count’s aria ” Hai gia vinta la causa”. It apparently starts pretty much the same as the original, but is different on the latter part…


    1. I looked it up just now – I didn’t know about this one either. The internet reveals a lot of singers complaining that the alternate version is much higher than the original, so apparently it doesn’t get recorded as much.


  2. If you want to check out all the alternative versions of Figaro, you should try Ostman’s recording with Bonney, Auger & Hagegard.


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