23 Minutes of Art Songs

These are the songs and the Program Notes that I sent to my mom as per earlier discussion. WordPress is being weird for some reason about displaying the player widget for the ones that are m4a and not wav files, but I think they all work. I also managed to include one very authentic Liederabend moment: before the Wolf song begins there is great hacking and wheezing from the audience.

1. Schubert, “Auf dem Wasser zu singen.” Miah Persson.

2. Brahms, “Feldeinsamkeit.” Vesselina Kasarova.

3. Ives, “Feldeinsamkeit.” Gerald Finley.

4. Wolf, “Erstes Liebeslied eines Mädchens.” Dorothea Röschmann.

5. Shostakovich, “Kritiku.” Magdalena Kožená.

6. Schumann, “Das ist ein Flöten und Geigen.” Christian Gerhaher.

7. Beethoven, “Nimm sie hin denn, diese Lieder.” Werner Güra.

8. Falla, “Asturiana.” Teresa Berganza.

7 thoughts on “23 Minutes of Art Songs

  1. The ideal Liederabend – I sometimes dream of putting together an opera from different recordings with the singers I deem best in this or that aria or so.
    Btw, did you tape the Güra recital from Edinburg? If so, is there any way you might share these files?


  2. Thanks for this collection. (Ironically, or not so, I have most of these already!) BTW, Werner Güra’s accompanist is Christoph Berner; and Herr Gerhaher’s is his usual Gerold Huber. RE: convenient German words, I learned two from an OE1 (no umlauts today) broadcast: the wonderful Vorfreude (I guess in English we’d say happy anticipation) and the handy Auftrittsapplaus, for the response of the audience as a performer enters the stage.)


    1. and, Aha! you managed to get (some of) an die Fehrne Geliebte in there! I love the end of this performance where (it sounds like) Herr Güra has a bit of Vorfreude about getting to the end of the song and momentarily skips ahead–yet recovers quickly! For me, that momentary “fluff” makes the live performance all the more exciting and precious!


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