Music for travel

I have to go up to New Haven today to talk to some Elis about Puritans. So I’m saving my new French version of Don Carlos for when I get back. In the meantime, inspired by both the Connecticut connection and the Ives songs I was listening to the other day I have been listening to Charles Ives’s violin sonatas. The recording I’ve got is on Naxos, with Curt Thompson playing the violin and Rodney Waters on piano. I’ve had it for ages, but listening to it again now I feel like this is one of those CDs that I never properly absorbed for whatever reason.

(But I am tempted to take a quick dip into Don Carlos, just for fun. I’m hesitant because I want to get a first impression of it when I have time to listen to the whole thing, and I don’t have four hours at the moment.)

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