If only I knew how to program . . .

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an art song iPhone app? One that had all the texts and translations, and the sheet music? And you could link it to iTunes so that if you were listening to, say, some random Hugo Wolf song, you could just click on some little tab thing and all the info (text, score) would pop up?

4 thoughts on “If only I knew how to program . . .

  1. What an awesome idea! Maybe you’ve hit on a way to support Emily over at lieder.net, too. How hard could it be (for someone who knows what they’re doing) to create an app like that?


    1. I had the same thought re: Emily’s website – what she’s made is basically a huge, well-indexed database, which (leaving aside scores and iTunes integration) would be really easy to make into an app. Now, to find that elusive person what they’re doing re: programming . . .



  2. I would totally buy this app! It would also be cool if it could have a Shazam-type feature which could identify for you what song you were listening to (eg if you were listening to something on the radio but you’d missed the intro and you’d not heard the song before), don’t you think? I might put out the word on an innovators’ network site that I coordinate….


    1. Hey, if someone wants to give it a shot, that would be great! My vote would be to keep it simple starting out, just a big database thoroughly cross-indexed like that lieder database we all know and love, with maybe a way to upload PDFs of scores to specific songs if one wanted to.


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