Weekend 10-5-13: I think I need to move house

I write this on Friday evening. My neighbors are whoopin’ yowlin’ drunk out on our shared patio and several times I have heard the click of a lighter for propane – they’re grilling dinner – so if I do not post on Sunday, it’s probably because they, I and the building we live in (I live in a house that has been divided into two apartments) have been blown to kingdom come.

On the bright side, I guess if I get blown up, I don’t need to worry about teaching on Monday. On the downside, I do have opera tickets for Vienna and a gift card for the Met that my mother-in-law gave me that I haven’t used yet and a few miscellaneous concert tickets for the spring (JDD! Sesto! Chicago! March! I’m crazy! But I’m going! Besides, I like Chicago!) and it would be a shame to be detonated before I get to enjoy them. Or possibly they will merely somehow accidentally destroy my car or knock out a window, both of which I could probably deal with.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 10-5-13: I think I need to move house

  1. House still stands or just the internet connection? Our next door neighbors but one, who are quite red-necky and are also thought to be dealing, have built a fire pit in their back yard — or at least they have a patch where they burn stuff, surrounded by chairs. A couple of days ago they were burning what appeared to be a refrigerator box. Yesterday a woman was emptying a bottle of lighter fluid onto open flames. Their kids come and raid our dumpster for things to burn. At some point they will set the house next door on fire, and that house, like this one, is 90 years old and made of dry wood and plaster and has a gas line. So I can sympathize.


    1. House still stands. For now. Someone backed a pickup into a tree on Friday night, but that was all.

      Your situation sounds slightly scarier even than mine – my neighbors get drunk and grill things and play with lighters, but they haven’t attempted to ignite anything other than charcoal and ground beef, and there aren’t any children or refrigerator boxes involved.


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