Weekend 10-6-13

Well, I haven’t been blown up. And it’s raining, which means that everything surrounding the house will be nice and not flammable. On the other hand, you know how sometimes losing a night’s sleep while you’re traveling can sometimes make you vulnerable to catching colds? As it turns out, being unable to sleep for most of a week AND traveling, even during the day, has the same effect. Or possibly I can blame this on my graduate students, two of whom admitted in seminar last week that they were sick.

I finished my French version of Don Carlos last night. I’m not really sure what to do next. Falstaff? Rigoletto again? Nabucco? Something completely different?

7 thoughts on “Weekend 10-6-13

    1. Me too. And since the weather is starting to get cooler, I’m hoping there will be less propane/charcoal/lighter fluid/griling action to worry about in the future.

      Also, your blog title is great (the world needs more Alison Bechdel references!)


  1. Well, I’ve been listening to Falstaff lately (the Abbado version with Terfel, Hampson, Pieczonka et al, including a certain German soprano we know and love) and I can think of nothing more fun if you are in need of an unMozartian pick-me-up. Because you’re so musically literate, it’s a bit trickier to suggest something that you may not already know but I have a soft spot for Martinu’s opera Ariane (as well for the fragments from Juliette that he could still recall from his original score). Actually, if I’m being honest, I have a soft spot for most things Martinu – his symphonies, his flute sonata (which your mum will know for sure), his flute/cello/piano trio….


    1. I like Martinu too – I’ve heard some of his chamber music, but none of the symphonies or operas.

      Re: Falstaff – On CD I have a concert version from the LSO that someone recommended to me, but I actually don’t have the Abbado one! I’ve heard it (library at last university had it) but that was a while back.


      1. The LSO is a great band – and how nice to have that English connection with the libretto source material by old what’s-his-name 😉 Who sings Falstaff in the version you have? Bryn Terfel was actually the main singing attraction for me with the Abbado version (I was beyond excited when he came to NZ recently and that I could get to see/hear him performing in Wellington. We so rarely have singers of his calibre come here). The other singers are pretty great, though, too.

        As for Ariane, I think it’s a wee gem of an opera. It’s instantly recognizable as a Martinu work, having interesting instrumental colours and those characteristic lyrical lines soaring over motoric, often syncopated, rhythms. Celina Lindsley sings the part of Ariane in the CD version I have and she has a way of floating very soft high notes that I find really beautiful. I only know her singing from this performance but I really should try and find out more about what else she’s sung.


        1. Falstaff in the LSO version is Michele Pertusi, who I don’t know anything about other than him being in this recording. I haven’t listened to it in ages – but now that it’s on my mind it may be the next thing.


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