Well, I’m an idiot.

You know Mitsuko Uchida’s new Schumann CD, the one that has the super bonus extra secret song moment at the end? I was wondering why Uchida and Röschmann picked “Im Herbste” in particular. Listening to the recording again, I realized that the theme from the song also appears in the second movement of the Piano Sonata No. 2, which is also on the recording.

This is probably in the booklet notes somewhere, but I didn’t read them.

2 thoughts on “Well, I’m an idiot.

  1. Well, I wouldn’t call you an idiot, per se; but at least I have the excuse that I downloaded the recording, and therefore do not even have a booklet to look at. 🙂 (On the other hand. I didn’t realize the connection via careful listening. In fact I think your careful listening proves that you are, in fact, not an idiot.)


    1. And I just checked the booklet – the connection between the sonata and the song is explained there. But on balance, I find I enjoy discovering these things serendipitously, so except for opera libretti, I think I will continue to live dangerously and not always read the booklet.


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