This is really starting to get silly.

I received a little package in the mail yesterday. The package – I knew what it was before I opened it, so I tore it open with great glee – contained Miah Persson’s “Portraits” CD.

And do you know what is on this recording? Among other things, a series of settings of “Gedichte der Königin Maria Stuart.” Poems by Mary Stuart. You can’t get away from this woman. Two of the poems were actually even written by her, although the texts that Schumann sets are German translations.

9 thoughts on “This is really starting to get silly.

  1. Getting close to spooky 🙂 If I remember correctly, Mary Stuart has, in recent times, cropped up before you in a play, opera, television and now lieder. Surely it can’t be long before @maryqueenofscots starts following you on twitter? 😉


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