Late night grocery store bonus

I was at Whole Foods late last night (yeah, I know – mock if you must) and they were playing Mozart! It was the middle movement of his string quartet no. 4. In my excitement, I may have said “Köchel 157!” out loud. Possibly. But I wasn’t by myself, so I didn’t look as silly as I might have otherwise.

And the cashier couldn’t remember the 4-digit code for my greens, so she gave them to me for free.

(And then I went home and bought opera tickets. Falstaff and Cenerentola, here I come!)

6 thoughts on “Late night grocery store bonus

  1. Is there something socially unacceptable about late-night visits to Whole Foods? They’re about to open a store here, so it would be good to know, in case one wishes to add to one’s list of socially unacceptable things to do of an evening.


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