Probably inevitable

The NYT discusses opera fan fiction. (At least in the sense that some stories, like that of Così fan tutte, leave you wondering what happens after the end; the article describes how both fans and performers have their own theories. The NYT is far too genteel to get into the odd textual/theoretical aspects of a lot of fan fiction – not to mention that in other contexts, 90% of it is basically porn.)

3 thoughts on “Probably inevitable

  1. That’s a fun article with some entertaining replies. I think the girls in Cosi dump both guys, go home and find some men they can trust. I continue with the porn route, but (in spite of the occasional profanity) this is a family blog! 🙂 speaking of Cosi, I found clips from a production in Lyon (starring my boy Daniel Behle) set in Venice Beach, CA. Hah!


    1. If this is a family friendly blog . . . well, actually, it might be! I don’t think I or anyone commenting have ever said anything that I wouldn’t have been allowed to read as a child (but then again I was allowed to read pretty much anything that might be lying around, to which I credit having read both The Feminine Mystique and bits of a lot of Harold Robbins novels by the age of twelve or so).

      With Cosi, I definitely prefer the endings where it implies that the four go their separate ways – but all alive and no poisoned blue Kool-Aid, either. (Cosi in Venice Beach! I have no idea where they’d go with that. Does it look like it’s any good?)


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