But I think I could get used to it

Just learned that the university orchestra and chorus is doing Verdi’s Requiem on Sunday! The prospect of going to a concert and not having to get on a plane to do so feels wrong somehow.

10 thoughts on “But I think I could get used to it

    1. I can! It sounded wonderful from everyone’s blog reports about it. (I wish we had something similar, but even Memphis, the closest large city to where I live, doesn’t quite have enough of a classical scene to support a festival like that)


  1. It’s nice having the music close by. I am afraid I got spoiled living 10 minutes from the Kennedy Center. Now that I live 25 miles away, it seems like almost too much effort to get over there. Enjoy the nearness!!


    1. I will. (And I have learned that the university also has an early music ensemble, which I haven’t heard yet – with luck I won’t forget to go to their concert early next month!)


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