My favorite Civil War quiz question (for this week, at least)


Normally I would switch the question around, and ask something like “How did Marcus Spiegel’s views on slavery change during the war, and why is this important?” but it’s a bonus, so it’s intended to be fairly easy if one has done the reading.

6 thoughts on “My favorite Civil War quiz question (for this week, at least)

    1. I sometimes put nonsense options in the bonus questions just to see if anyone is paying attention. (I had to read Biedermann und die Brandstifter in German class years and years ago and I always just liked the word ‘Brandstifter’)


  1. Haldane, when Minister of War, was said to have been asked by one of the generals (a rather perplexed one) what kind of army he wanted. His answer apparently was “oh, a Hegelian one I suppose”. I can conceive of a Hegelian army but a Kantian one would really stretch the imagination.


    1. But with Kantian army you’d save money because you wouldn’t need generals, or a strategy imposed from above – each member of the army would simply do only those things which they could consistently and without contradiction will every other member of the army to do.


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