Weekend 11-30-13

No booze in the house, and no prospect of any, but at least there’s a Vivica Genaux album or two. I’m listening to the Arias for Farinelli one right now. It strikes me that there ought to be more Vivica Genaux albums in my house.

Perhaps it is time to purchase recordings. I feel like I’m on a roll as far as shopping goes – I just bought a new winter coat (the last one was purchased from a Goodwill in New Jersey in like 2005; as I discovered in Berlin last December, and again in New York in January, and a third time in New York in March, insulation has a shelf life) and woolly tights and and an opera dress at REI (if you think opera attire cannot be purchased at outdoors/hiking supply stores, you are clearly not thinking outside the box) so a few more odd items can’t hurt. Besides, I pirated a Strauss opera the week before last and I feel guilty.

Also, after re-watching most of the first two seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: whoever conducts the overture orchestral theme music needs to give it a little more room to breathe. It sounds rushed.