More Schumann

We have already established that the second movement of Schumann’s piano sonata no. 2 has the same theme as his song “Im Herbste,” with certain happy consequences as far as bonus tracks on Mitsuko Uchida recordings are concerned.

But now it’s the first movement that’s driving me nuts. There’s a bit about six seconds in that I could swear sounds oddly familiar, but I’m not sure why. I wonder, if you listen to enough music, does everything start to sound familiar even if it shouldn’t and then you slowly go mad?

10 thoughts on “More Schumann

        1. Though radically expanding the breadth of one’s listening library can stave this off enough that one eventually dies of something else.


                1. If we can get opera tickets to be tax deductible as uncompensated medical expenditures, we should be able to get Arkivmusic reclassified as a vendor of durable medical equipment.


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