Deep Thoughts

The WordPress snow is back! And it’s supposed to actually snow here on Friday! I have Schumann’s “Die Stille” stuck in my head – the text has the word “snow” in it, and apparently even the most tenuous of connections is enough to set it off! I just sort of walked into a doorframe because I misjudged the distance! I wonder if Robert Schumann ever walked into door frames! If you asked me what composer is most likely to have habitually walked into doorframes I would have to say Sibelius! Wagner was more of a coffee table man! Did you know that there were “bands of unionist Germans” roaming Missouri during the Civil War! I read it in a book! High five unionist Germans!

I’m going to sleep now.

5 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

    1. Between the actual armies and the guerillas, Missouri was probably a pretty terrifying place to be during the civil war – not somewhere to hang out unless one felt an urge to bushwhack.


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