Well, this ought to be fun.

There is an ice storm headed in this direction, which ought to make for an exciting weekend. With luck, the power won’t go out and I’ll be able to watch this new DVD of Tristan und Isolde that I have turned up. (Not from the Met!) Meanwhile I have been amusing myself by going back and listening to all of Paul O’Dette’s solo lute recordings. As far as the five-disc box set of John Dowland’s greatest hits is concerned, the fourth disc is the best one. I am not being facetious, or at least not completely; I really do think it is.

But about this ice storm. I am putting my money on power flickers but no sustained outage; at least one accident involving an icy road surface and either a deer or a large raccoon; and maybe my neighbors will finally stop grilling all their dinners on the effrontery porcupine [does anyone know how to turn autocorrect off? Somehow it will fix misspellings of Tristan, complete lute and Isolde and it apparently knows who Paul O’Dette is, but “front porch” is beyond its powers] fuck it, I’m leaving in the bit about the porcupine – maybe the ice will cause my neighbors to take their food preparation indoors and my front hallway won’t smell like propane and burned grease anymore.

6 thoughts on “Well, this ought to be fun.

    1. Bwahahaha! Gotta love auto correct. I guess that’s one argument for not writing blog posts on a “smart” phone.

      Meanwhile, it’s rather hard to believe that there are five discs’ worth of Greatest Hits by John Dowland.


  1. And on an unrelated topic, I thought this program on Ö1 Radio might interest you: http://oe1.orf.at/programm/356328

    Alte Musik im Konzert. La Risonanza, Dirigent und Cembalo: Fabio Bonizzoni; Roberta Invernizzi, Sopran. Arien und Concerti von Antonio Vivaldi (aufgenommen am 30. November im Brahms-Saal des Wiener Musikvereins). Präsentation: Bernhard Trebuch

    (Although she sounds a bit out of control in the opening aria…)


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