Weekend 12-7-13

So I was enjoying my new Vivica Genaux Vivaldi album when I discovered it has not one but two excerpts from Catone in Utica! Remember Utica? Whenever I hear ‘Utica’ in my head it’s always said by someone with a heavy northeastern accent of a specific type (I think Pittsburgh or Jersey or something): YOO-di-cuh. Anyway. The first aria, “come in vano il mare irato” is one of those barnstorming “you know how the sea is angry? but it doesn’t smash the rocks? I AM THE ROCK” arias and the second is an “I am very much like a skewered lion” number in the “I’m wounded but despite how distressing this is, I am not dead yet” sense. There are hunting horns at the beginning.

Do you think there ought to be generator for text for this type of metaphorical aria? Sort of like mad libs?

I am like a/an [animal/plant/mineral/landscape feature/meteorological event] ____________.
Like the aforementioned [animal/plant/mineral/landscape feature/meteorological event]_____________ I am [adjective]_____________.

B section!
Even if [noun]___________________ [verb]______________________ and causes [different noun]______________ to [different verb]__________________ I will
[choose one: always / never / categorically refuse to]

A section repeat!

3 thoughts on “Weekend 12-7-13

  1. It’s a logical step forward from Maury D’Annato’s Random Bel Canto Opera Title Generator, [Girl’s name] di [Place name].

    People who pronounce Utica that way may know only that it lies somewhere in the desert outside of Poughkeepsie.


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