But on the bright side, the coffee is excellent.

I got a chance to rummage through a second hand record store yesterday. I didn’t turn up much, just this Schubert CD from Werner Güra, which the guy at the shop kindly sold to me for €5 instead of €6. Fewer people buy CDs now, which means that the selection in stores like this is heavily tilted toward things recorded before about 2000 – this is an obvious point, I guess, but I haven’t been to a used record shop in ages, so I never really thought about it. And in this case there were also plenty of records, but I do not own a record player and besides, shoving records into my backpack for the flight home would probably not end well.


And in other news. Everyone smokes in the cafés here – I haven’t come home smelling like other people’s cigarette smoke for about fifteen years. It was a nice little moment of nostalgia. And then I washed my hair and hung my sweater out to detox.

2 thoughts on “But on the bright side, the coffee is excellent.

  1. Wow, I haven’t been to Teuchtler in ages. My memory is of gems being few and far between, though do say if you found otherwise. Second hand record stores aren’t that big in Wien because the flea markets have traditionally been the trading place for vinyl and CDs. That said, I don’t go to those much either.


    1. I think you’re right about gems being few and far between – I flipped through quite a few boxes before I saw the Schubert recording, and most of what I saw did not seem exciting. I believe there was one copy of Kaufmann’s Verdi album, but the price was more than what I’d pay in the US so I passed.

      The flea market for CDs didn’t occur to me – my guidebook lists several. (Whether my spouse will be up for that is another question entirely, though!)


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