They carry a wide selection of small notebooks


5 thoughts on “They carry a wide selection of small notebooks

      1. Wouldn’t contemporary Don G be gay? Because, you know, Grindr. The catalogue aria would be like ‘yeah guys, he’s done you all, even the ones I post to my Grindr Fail Tumblr for lolz’.

        Btw did you actually go inside Leporello? (There’s bad Grindr chat for you!). Wonderful place, I spend too much money there on Reclams and yet more books about Claus Peymann. The house is one of my favourites too, very very Regie, as much as most Berlin theatre. I’ve reconciled myself to Shakespeare in German because the productions there are so much better than anything at the National or RSC. (The National’s Edward II which I saw in October was supposedly billed as ‘Regietheater’, and I liked the production, but it was exceptionally mild-mannered by German standards).


        1. Sounds like a Konzept to me!

          I didn’t go inside – the spouse and I were on our way to dinner with some friends – but I might go back. I’ve read all the books I brought with me, so clearly it’s time for a bookshop crawl . . .



          1. Ah I see, wasn’t sure how much recursive irony to read into your caption – the funny thing being that Leporello im Burgtheater does in fact carry a (fairly) wide selection of notebooks, last time I checked…


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