I wasn’t sure quite what to expect


6 thoughts on “I wasn’t sure quite what to expect

    1. My brief review after sampling: Despite the cola/orange mix promised on the label, it’s more cola than orange, but without the acidic bite of coke. But it settled my stomach (airsickness) and made me think of mezzos singing duets, so it did its job well!


  1. Harry Kupfer explored the intersection between opera and the Austrian soft drinks industry in his TadW production of Ariadne auf Naxos, set in the Salzburg hangar-cum-museum where Didi Mateschitz (the modern-day richest man in Austria) keeps his ‘Flying Bulls’ fleet and collection of Formula One cars. (I didn’t make it but a friend says the in-joke was played quite sharply). Mateschitz is the founder of Red Bull and runs a business empire which includes media and sporting interests (I believe Vettel still races for his Red Bull F1 team too). I would compare him to Bernie Ecclestone but I don’t think he’s such an Arschloch.

    Btw are you going to the TadW’s Rosenkavalier film tonight?


    1. I had no idea there WAS a connection between opera and the Austrian soft drinks industry! (Or that the founder of red bull was Austrian)

      I am back in the US as of very late last night, so I will have to give Rosenkavalier a miss, unfortunately 🙂


      1. Sure, Red Bull is Austrian. I think Salzburgers of Mateschitz’s generation picked up a thing or two about consumer capitalism from the postwar American occupation in that region (see also: the Mozart industry). There’s a good book on this by Americophile Reinhold Wagnleitner.

        Me, I’m now waiting for Harry Kupfer to do an opera staging about Niki Lauda 😉

        Well, have a good slide!


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