No idea why not, though

Apparently there is a massive snowstorm headed in this direction which may leave me stranded in the New York area an extra day or two. I have been reminded that the obvious response to such a situation is not necessarily LET’S GO TO THE OPERA!

3 thoughts on “No idea why not, though

  1. That’s ridiculous! The obvious response to ANY situation should be LET’S GO THE OPERA! (Or a Broadway Show — unless you’re my granddaughter on her Mother/Daughter 11th birthday trip to NYC this weekend, in which case getting snowed in means “Let’s go to the Library!”)

    P.S. That Orphée sounds like GREAT opportunity!


    1. The Orphee does sound good. I have been rescheduled for a flight in the afternoon, but if it gets cancelled, I’m totally going.

      Rob, I approve of your granddaughter’s judgement!



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