A matter of perspective

Ever since that one time I left a light on in my car and came back from a trip to find it dead in the airport parking garage, and that other time that someone broke into my house, all I need after a long trip to make me truly cheerful – I really do mean this – is my car starting and an un-burgled apartment.

The Joyce DiDonato dvd (Cendrillon) and new Giulio Cesare that I forgot I ordered and found on the porch didn’t hurt, though.

And my neighbors have taken their normal Friday night party elsewhere for once! I feel the urge to let the sow out, as I am told the Germans say, and play some Handel slightly louder than usual.

2 thoughts on “A matter of perspective

  1. Don’t fight the urge, I say! That sounds like the perfect way to spend your first night back at home. Enjoy!


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