Sunday Morning Firearm Update

Remember that Beethoven quartets recording with the ominous-looking pistol on the cover? Well, it turns out that there are no pistol shots on this CD. The cause of freedom is probably set back in some way by this unfortunate fact, but I suppose that it is something we are just all going to have to learn to live with. (For non-Americans: you may never have learned about this, but every time a firearm is not discharged, baby Jesus kills a fairy. Or such is my understanding.)

Even minus the hail of gunfire that the cover art might lead one to expect, it’s an exciting recording. The Eroica Quartet plays quartets number 10, 11 and 16. My other recording of #10 is by the Kodaly Quartet, and this one by Eroica feels warmer and heavier and the sound (this might be the recording as well as the interpretation) a little softer around the edges. The whole thing, not just #10 but the other two as well, gave me an impression of being really cogent. These people understand this music. You feel like something complex is being explained to you, and the explanation makes perfect sense even if you can’t necessarily articulate it in words afterward.