Today in “things that make me feel lost and alone”

German without the nouns capitalized:


And the front cover of the album just makes me hungry:


That said, I can’t stop listening to it. The only wrench in the works is that it’s been very cold here and the pipes at my house froze; they’re unfrozen now, but I have to keep all the faucets running to make sure I have water in the morning. So it’s Berg, Webern and Schönberg with soprano, alto, sugar cravings and obbligato drips.

Are we avant-garde yet?

12 thoughts on “Today in “things that make me feel lost and alone”

  1. I think I could handle the German nouns non-capitalized, but equating those three Viennese composers (though I love them all) with Viennese pastry is …well….weird, at the very least. (On the other hand, Viennese pastries are rarely as sweet as one might hope/expect.) Here’s hoping the pipes don’t refreeze!


    1. These are obviously specimen of the Second Viennese school of pastry making. Just look at that petit four in the middle with its Josef Hoffmann-inspired design.


      1. I just figured out the connection between the artwork and the text: look no further than to the last stanza: “Gluten im herzen”. And here we thought that gluten in your stomach was already bad enough for you, just think of what those little bombs on the cover will do to your poor heart.


        1. Mystery solved!

          Or maybe the four pastries represent the quartet? With the two violins fuzzy and indistinct in the background . . . clearly the cover was designed by an angry ex-viola or cello player.


            1. I can’t decide – they’ll have to share the honor! I always wonder if this type of music is more difficult for singers/musicians to interpret than Schumann, Handel, etc or not.


              1. I guess the secret’s out now. And here everyone was thinking I was a cellist (and just a violist-wannabe)


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