Accomplishments this week

1. Apparently I have permanently frightened off the mouse that I saw in the kitchen the other day.

2. Teaching evaluations better than expected. (I didn’t stroll around the office humming “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta,” but I certainly thought about it. I was held back only by philosophical objections to the lyrics; decided to go with “Bella sorge la speranza” instead.)

3. Funny how when you’re in a good mood everything becomes interesting again, isn’t it?

4. Bought only one concert ticket. Remarkable self-restraint, I think. (Also, a ticket for an Ibsen play and knowledge that university opera will be doing L’elisir d’amore in April took the edge off a little.)

5. Have found pedagogical use for “Potato” episode of Blackadder. FINALLY.

10 thoughts on “Accomplishments this week

      1. there’s a very nice duet preceding this tune, the one with Kristina Harmmarström and Miah Persson, so i always listen to them first, followed by a bass recit, then tune, then chorus, then clap :-). have radio recording if you’d like to listen. veery nice, i play it quite often. also in cast is Sonia Prina, band academy of ancient music dir Christopher Hogwood (i’ll cry now too because it was broadcast the exact same day VK + Mirjanovic + Minkowski were in same town singing Aggripina and no recording of that…)


  1. Congratulations on all counts! Especially Blackadder. I love teaching with Monty Python, but sadly have not yet found pedagogical uses for Blackadder.


  2. Explanation for potato: during the part of my colonial america course where we cover Elizabethan exploration/colonization adventures and the earliest years of Virginia, there’s a day where we’re going to talk about colonization/Virginia/Native Americans in pop culture, just for fun. So, we’re going to watch the bit of the potato episode where Blackadder is profoundly uninterested in hearing about Walter Raleigh’s new world adventures and mocking the potato; clips of the Disney version of Pocahontas; ditto that “The New World” movie and a few other things.


    1. Bonus points to anyone who can work “Last one up the Old Sea Dog gets a lick of the cat!” into the final.


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